SECCO Powder Desiccants absorb moisture to lower the RH in the container, protecting goods from moisture damage.

The  small  bags  of  SECCO  powder  desiccants  placed  within  cartons  /  bags  ensure that your high value goods stay in perfect condition.


Through  extensive  research,  SECCO  has  developed  the  most  effective  desiccant  on the market today. When you are in need of safe and trustworthy moisture absorption solutions for your transport by sea, rest assured that with the use of SECCO Powder Desiccants, your goods will arrive in the same condition as they were loaded.

We carry out R&D and quality control of all of our products in our own plants, so can readily  ensure  that  our  products  are  totally  effective,  environmentally  safe  and economical.  We  guarantee  our  desiccants  are  the  best  the  way  of  insuring  your cargo against destruction by humidity that is found in every container being shipped.


We are constantly and relentlessly pursuing perfection within our company. We simulate containerized  shipments  under  laboratory-controlled  conditions  in  order  to  monitor quality and, if necessary, adjust product composition.

We  also  run  many  real-time  tests  with  “humidity  loggers”  to  determine  what  is happening inside container of various sizes during shipment. In addition, we are also involved  in  many  projects  in  related  fields,  such  as  alternative  fumigation  methods, pesticide studies and packaging solutions.


Our  Powder Desiccants are designed to absorb from 150% up to 400% of its own weight in moisture.


1. Absorbs moisture for up to 60 days.

2. Eliminates nasty odors.

3. Prevents mold & mildew.


3 to 6 times more effective than silica gel & clay. You use fewer units and save money.


Secco products are completely safe for use for any cargo type. ​
Secco fights moisture and condensation by absorbing water vapor from the air and preventing the humidity level inside containers from reaching the dew point. ​
At Secco we take a hands-on approach to cargo protection. We routinely attend container loadings and un-loadings to recommend the correct application. It’s important to us that our high-quality products are also user-friendly and easy to install. We take great pride in being an active participant in your business.

Guidelines for Preparation and Installation: 

- Closely inspect the container interior. Pay particular attention to the condition of the floor and the door seals.
- The container should have minimum residual moisture inside and needs to be able to be hermetically sealed for the voyage duration so that moist air cannot penetrate during the voyage.
- The floor should be dry. Often the containers will be received having just been washed and residual water may be present If too damp reject. If available it is worth measuring the moisture content of the floor. Moisture level greater than 15% are too high and the container should be rejected.
- Stand inside the container and close the doors. No light should penetrate through the door seals. Check the door seals for breaks and holes. If damaged then reject the container.
- Seal the container vents using strong duct tape. 

- Hang Secco Powder Desiccant on the ceiling hooks inside the container evenly.
- Hang the bags in an even distribution on the container hooks
As a rule of thumb, 1kg of Secco per 4m3 of free air space, however the actual quantity of desiccant will depend upon cargo moisture content, voyage duration and amount of free airspace.

Units needed:

For the majority of goods, only 6kg - 8kg of SECCO powder desiccants in a 20ft container and 12kg - 14kg in a 40ft container, is required, depending on the length of the voyage and the range of temperature encoun tered. In a case of moist goods or extreme voyage conditions additional poles may be required.


Mount in the container corrugation, hanging from the loop with plastic hanger/hook.


SECCO Container Desiccants are made from non - toxic, recyclable materials, and food grade components.

Simply cut open the bag, empty the contents into suitable containers and dispose of the contents as organic waste. The polyethylene and polypropylene bag is recyclable, but maybe disposed of as industrial waste by an approved contractor.


Unique polymer converts absorbed moisture into gel.


packaging ensures one-way absorption.


Preventing moisture damage during container transport for up top 60 days.


We have passed:

ISO 9001 : 2015,

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 22000 : 2005,

ISO 15378: 2015

ISO 22716 : 2007,


Completely Harmless.

Easy Disposal.

Environmentally Friendly.

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