Ethylene Absorber -

Ethylene Absorber -

Ethylene Absorber -

Ethylene Absorber -

Ethylene Absorber -
Ethylene Absorber -
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Save Your Valuable Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Produce from Harmful Effects of Ethylene Gas!


The ethylene absorbers are a mix of clay and oxidizing agents (such as potassium permanganate) non-reusable. They are in the form of granules to be placed in the special equipments, filters and transport sachets. The use of absorbers guarantees the hygiene of the treated air, purifying it from microorganisms and volatile substances such as ethylene, acetaldehyde, ethanol, methanol, etc. that they accumulate in the environment movement and storage of fruit and vegetables.


-Controls Ripening

-Regulates ethylene levels

-Increases storage and shelf life

-Gets rid of airborne microorganisms

-Controls odor cross-contamination

-Maintains fruit pressure

-Cost-effective, safe and user-friendly


Ethylene absorbers increase the service life of fruits, vegetables and flowers by absorbing the ethylene given off products.

What is ethylene – maturation of food

Ethylene is a plant hormone which accelerates ripening of various foods. As fruits, vegetables and flowers mature expel ethylene gas, which is trapped inside the container that contains them. In many cases those products are sensitive to ethylene, and its presence accelerate the maturation causing a rapid deterioration of their properties.

In addition, various fruits and vegetables are producing large amounts of ethylene so it is advisable to control the emission of ethylene gas to prolong the maturation process of these foods.


Absorbent products of ethylene to control ethylene gas of fruits and vegetables allowing slow maturation. When removing the ethylene from packaging products which are sensitive to this gas, less deterioration of food it is allowed prolonging freshness.

Both companies and individuals can use this product to extend the life of fresh foods and thus reduce waste food pulled from shelves or refrigerators because of its rapid deterioration.

Some of the foods that can be used ethylene absorbers are: apples, kiwis, bananas, avocados, onions, lemons, fresh flowers and others. 


Ethylene absorbent products consist of different mixtures of clays and minerals that allow the removal of ethylene by various processes.

These products can be placed in direct contact with the fruit or vegetables and FDA compliant.

It is a simple product, easy to use and noninvasive works in any weather condition and temperature.


The product can be supplied in different formats depending on the point of application of the absorbent:

· Bags: To place in boxes of fruit, vegetables or flowers individually. The bags can be 5gr, 10gr or 15 gr.

· Bags in boxes for retail: bags 8g individually packaged for use by individuals to extend the fresh life of many types of fruits, vegetables and flowers. They are approved for use in direct food contact by the FDA.

Absorption Sachets extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers in a packaged or bulk environment. Made with natural occurring zeolites, they can remove unwanted ethylene gas through the oxidation process, thereby ensuring the quality and freshness of horticultural products during storage or transportation.

Volume of using Ethylene bags: 

The size of the sachet required depends on factors such as the product type, the length of time required to protect them, the weight(kg) of product, size of the area to protect, the threshold of sensibility to ethylene... 

As a basic guideline, we recommend our customers to start testing with the following sachet types:

Ethylene Production Volume - Package Weight - Sachet Size

Low - Up to 5kg - 5gm

Medium - Up to 10kg - 10gm

High - Up to 20kg - 15gm

Ethylene Filter Rods are good for one time shipments in reefer containers. It is easily installed in the air intake outlets in the container units.



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