Anti Mold Sticker -

Anti Mold Sticker -

Anti Mold Sticker -

Anti Mold Sticker -

Anti Mold Sticker -
Anti Mold Sticker -
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Anti Mold Stickers are made from many kinds of essence and plant tissue extract which is extracted by Biotechnology as well as special formulation

This product is applied for food product as to keep fresh food in natural colours

It can be applied for Shoes , Leather Handbags , Food , Medicine , Textile and Garments , Electronic and Electrical Parts etc


1. New biotechnical formualtion

2. Heavy Metals and DMF free

3. Eco friendly and Enviromental Protection Product


Mostly applicable for mold prevention for leather handbags , shoes , fernitures , electronics , agricultural , pharmaceutical and military instruments


In an air tight packing enviroment , the herbal essential oil that coated with anti-stickers that would be volatile and inhibits growth of mold and bacteria as a result , products are protected against mold and fungus bacteria


1. Ingredient- Mustard Oil + Garlic Oil + Anti Bacterial Material formulations

2.Kills bacteria and mold by gasification ways

3.DMF and Heavy Metals free and No harm to human

4.Size - 2.5 cm x 5.0 cm

5.Packages- 2000 units per roll

6. Weight/Roll - 1.5 kgs

7. Package Per Box - 10 Rolls per Box

8.Storage - Cool and Dry palce

9 Metohd for Anti-Stickers Use -.Keep one unit stickers into package box and close the box immedietly and do not open again and its action

   will start inside the packed enviroment and Anti Stickers units should keep in Aluminium Seal or Foil





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