VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -

VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -

VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -

VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -

VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -
VCI oil / Multipurpose Lubricant RS-09 -
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It is used during the manufacturing process as primary packing solution There is no need of Oiling and Greasing of machinery or parts

VCI Packing Product provides most effective solution for corrosion reststance and rust protection against ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts



We are providing with high grade ingredient raw materials that VCI OIL performs effectively under high humidity condition and in presence of corrosive element such as Chloride , Sulphite ,Hydrogen and Oxygen gases effect by oxidation process

VCI OIL / RS-09 provides to protect metals surfaces from corrosion due to oxidation process and eliminating water content from metal surfaces.

RS-09 VCI-Oil formulation is most effective formulation for protecting and lubricating metal surface , machinery and equipment from rust and corrosion

We have started by blending our premium oil with most effective rust preventive chemical that providing the ultimate corrosion protection from rusting of valuable equipment and machinery

RS-09 formula is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices as our advanced vapour technology blending formula is more effective against rust and metal corrosion protection

RS-09 VCI- Oil formula is designed for long term protection and should be the long life application for machinery , equipment and metal parts

RS-09 VCI Oil performs effectively even under adverse condition of very high humidity and in presence of chlorides and sulphur compounds and it does not contains hazardous chromates , nitrite or  phosphate elements

RS-09 blend formula for VCI purpose is added to hydraulic or transmission machine or engine due to corrosion inhibition characteristics that it does not cause any adverse effect on equipment , machine , hoses , rubbers seals and other parts

We offers VCI Oil to our customer that are used for short term and long term protection application and these oil can be applied by spraying or by brush or by dipping

RS-09 VCI Oil is a specially developed anti rust and corrosion protection multipurpose solution containing hi tech VCI chemicals which is dispersed in an oil base and it is more ideal rust and corrosion  preventive oil for closed system like fuel tank, engine , machinery and metal equipment etc

We formulate RS-09 VCI Oil to protect metals from rust and corrosion as per the specification and requirements of our clients

CONTAIN: Hydrocarbon Oils , Rust Inhibitor Additive , Surfactants , and Liquefied Petroleum Oil.


1. Have a water displacing properties

2. Highly effective solution against rust and corrosion of machinery and steel metal

3. High level of performance after application

4. Long shelf life after application

5. Provides universal corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

6. Easy to use – keeps metal parts and products new for a year with a single spray. It is the ultimate for long term protection of packaged articles

7. Cost effective - a small amount goes a long way.

It is the most practical wayto protect internal metal surfaces. penetrate grooves, fill etchings,

8. If 250 ml applied by spray / brush / painting and covers the area approx. 250 Sqft



RS-09 VCI-Oil


Brown Blackish and viscous liquid

% Active Matter


Specific Gravity


pH of 5% aq. solution


Where we can use VCI OIL

1. Machinery maintenance , lubrication and cleaning , storage

2. Spray on metal small coating to protect from corrosion and can ne used during metal cutting

3. Spray on metal parts and machinery to avoiding corrosion


1.Colour - Light Brown Blackish

2.Viscocity - 220 poise at 30 degree

3.Specific Gravity - 0.93-0.95

4.Film thickness - 0.02 micron

5.Coverage Area - 250 ml for 100 sq. feet area

6.Volatility - 5-7%

8. Flash Point - 300 F

PACKING: 500 ml , 1 Lit , 2 Lit , 5 Lit , 10 Lit and 20 Lit --- 100 Lit


1. Based on natural mineral oil

2.Can spray thin coating on metal surfaces

3.Easy application and cleaning

4.Large area coverage that saves money

5.It forms protective coating film & gives continuous protection in contact and vapor phase.

6.Provides ferrous & most non-ferrous metal protection.

7.Does not contain silicates, phosphates, or heavy metals.

8.Easy to apply by brush & dipping method.

9. If vci layer is disturbed by moisture or opening the enclosed space, the layer is replenished by continuous vapors re-deposition.


We are manufacturing VCI Powder in Vietnam Our VCI Powder is more efficient and more reliable than oiling and greasing applications

VCI Powder protects ferrous and non-ferrous metels from corrosion of internal cavities by using Volitile Organic Chemicals

Details of VCI Powder -

1. Easy to application

2.Provides ferrous and non-ferrous metal protection aginst


It is usefull for following sectors of Industries as

1.Automobile - Spare parts , Components and SKD

2,Metal Coils- Steel , Aluminium , Copper , Brass ,Bronze and Silver

3.Machinery Export - Parts , Components etc for shipping and storage

4.Tools - Presion tools and Metering instruments

5.Medical - Medical Instruments and Surgical Apparatus

6.Hardware- Mechined Casting , Crank Shaft , Bearing , Nut Bolts and Tools

7, Miliraty- Military Apparatus, Arms , Fire Arms and Tanks etc


INFORMATION : It provides strong protection aginst rust or corrosion for longer product life in adverse condition

It is coated with highly immpressed volatile chemicals that protect the metal product from rust

It does not affect on metal surfaces of machinery and its parts

It is eco friendly and easily dispoable product


1. Used for wrapping of automotive and engineering component

2. Fuel tanks, Gear Boxes and Other machinery parts

3 ,Metal coils , sheets , wire , pipes etc

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