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 Applications for coco peat

Coco Coir  is create out of coconut husk which consist 35 % of the total weight of entire mature coconut .This coconut coir can find out in between mature coconut shell and outer part of coconut nut .Normally good coconut coir got brownish color. There are different types of coconut coir manufacture in world market and bristle type of coconut coir considers as best coir which got longest variety of fiber.For the most important environmental and industrial applications coco coir are much used in modern-day.Coconut coir is widely used to manufacture door mats, mattresses, brushes, flower pots and carpets.

The industry leader of coconut coir production are India and Sri Lanka. With together india and Sri Lanka  product the 90% of world requirements of coconut coir. Normally coconut coir take at least 20 years to get decompose, but the decomposing process of coconut coir is not harmful for environment. Due to great durability of coconut coir it’s widely use to create so many product which got good economic values.

Coconut fiber can classified according to their quality and following are the most common three types of coconut coir available in market.

  • Coconut Bristle fiber
  • Coconut Machine Twisted Fiber
  • Coconut Mattress Fiber

Coconut bristle fiber consider as the best coconut coir and it got comparatively longer and strong which normally use for high-end applications such as to create tawashi, brushes and twine productions.

Coconut machine twisted fiber are commonly used to create vehicle seats at automobile industry . Coconut mattress coir is use to product spring and other type of mattress. Following are different types of applications of coco coir in different industries and areas. 


coco coir brick

coir coconut is an real waste product and the most important item of this fruit is the white nut part of coconut. But these invaluable product can also convert it into valuable resource and able to use in hydroponic industry world-wide.

coconut coir can also mixed with normal soil and able to apply in hydroponic industry to get loosen soil which can use as a versatile growing medium got lots of  benefits for many different types of growers.The Development of Coco Coir  in hydroponics is an emerging industry in world and now its huge market.

Why this Coco coir so popular ?

The main reason to use this product in hydroponic industry is ,its water holding capacity. Since these coconut husk coir hundred percent natural it’s also environmental friendly too.

This coir also got great water retention quality and this also keep up good tap air and structure. coco coir bricks are also got huge popularity in agriculture and hydroponic industry as a growing media.

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Coconut husk can also use as fertilizer. To manufacture fertilizer coconut husk get burned and the ashes come out of coconut husk as natural fertilizer which  use for agriculture purposes. But these methods are not highly recommended.

The natural coconut husk decomposes into soil is got great benefits. Due to the higher value of coco coir nutrients it’s not much recommended to burn coconut coir


Nowadays coconut coir are widly used for soil and earth related applications such as to prevent soil erosion. Since coconut coir are 100% natural and biodegradable it’s   now getting more and more popular in this industry.

Coconut fiber logs are much famous for different earth based stabilization applications such as, Slope stabilization, channel stabilization and wetland stabilization.

These coconut coir logs are also used for stabilization of several construction activities such as mining operations, dam constructions, wetland constructions etc.

There are amazing  of benefits of use coconut coir logs and for more useful uses of these coconut coir logs check following.

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Coco Coir  are used to create so many items which we use in our day-to-day life such as Mattresses, ropes , floor mats , brushes , brooms, for furniture. Since coconut coir are 100% natural and got good durability it’s got much popular.

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coconut fiber  are also widely use for so many industry as a raw materials. It’s very commonly use to create fiber board and Due to its less expensiveness, flexibility most of coconut coir based concrete now getting much popular.

Now coconut coir mixed with rubber latex and create rubberized coir to manufacture upholsters padding for automobile industry.

Coconut Fiber Uses



following are several different types of applications of coco coir fiber ,which not much popular but got great economic advantages.

  1. Dried coconut husk which contain natural coir are the best.
  2. Do you know that burning coconut shells are natural mosquito repellent?
  3. By using coconut coir in coconut husk filter can make for aquariums.
  4. Biodegradable netting and soil erosion control manufactures are creating by use of coconut coir.
  5. Coconut coir is also best alternative for syntactic fiber which use in automobile parts such as bed linens, sun vision, floor board, seats and inside door cover of vehicle.
  6. Coconut coir can also use as manufacture sofas or seating furniture’s.
  7. Coir dust which is a by-product of coconut husk fiber mills can use as direct fertilizer in horticulture industry.
  8. Normally other coir based waste can use as potting soil.

Likewise there are so many unbelievable benefits which contain from the waste products such as coconut husk. There is no other tree got unbelievable benefits like this coconut palm tree got. Hope that you got good idea about the different types of applications of coconut coir uses at domestic and industrial level.

coconut coir

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