“How to trap all of the urine, odors, moisture when your pets pee”


A. Silica Gel Cat litter

1. The absorption ability strong, fast absorption rate

The cat litter can completely absorb pet urine, and the resulting peculiar smell; Restrain the growth of bacteria and keep the cat litter surface dry, clean, for the air of volatile gases, water for absorption, so can rise to air pure and fresh agent in the role of the environment clean and pure and fresh.

2. Usage, use a long time

One bag of Secco cat litter for a cat continues to use one month or more.

3. Usage is convenient, less garbage, easy to clean up

For Secco silicagel cat litter itself has a wealth of microporous structure, the absorption quantity is great, thus greatly reducing the garbage, easy to clean, easy to use.

4.Use safety, environment-friendly products.

Silica gel cat litter content of more than 98% SiO2, the chemical composition and natural quartz sand the same. The cat litter is non-toxic, taste less, no pollution to the environment, and through its super absorption function inhibit bacterial growth. After the use of the cat litter, it returns to nature and can play the role of the soil improvement, have environmental protection function.

5. Beautiful and easy

All kinds of color and fragrance cat sand in pet has a unique attraction, easy to be pet accept, has the joy of pet role.

B. Bentonite Cat litter


It is produced from a natural sodium bentonite clay by steam granulation process with high drying temperture and fast clumping and high water absorption power and it becomes hard clumping so we are easy to handle.


1. Grain size - 1mm - 4mm (granular form)

2  Bulk Density - 850-950

3  Colour- Grey / Brown

4  pH- 7-8

Packing Available - 5 kgs / 7 kgs / 15 kgs /

25 kgs / 50 kgs

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Bentonite Cat Litter 5L

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Silica Gel Cat Litter 5L

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