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SECCO is the world's leading supplier of desiccants and moisture damage prevention solutions.

SECCO products are widely used in virtually all the world's major manufacturing industries during ocean transport.

SECCO was founded on October 26, 2012. People around the world trust Secco 's innovations, brands and technologies. Only after 6 years of establishment and development, with professional stas, experts, professors of the Netherlands, USA, India, Vietnam ... we have researched and diversied more professions.

SECCO is thus one of the most international groups. By now, we have 5 factories in the world. Besides that, we have more than 40 distributors spread in more than 30 countries. All Secco products are non toxic, eco-friendly and food grade..

With our inventions and breakthrough products that have enabled us to be a world leader in these areas, we are constantly helping these industries move forward.

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